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Tue, March 7, 6pm – 8pm
8902 Vinton Ave, Detroit, MI 48213

Come learn the closed loop system of aquaponics where fish waste provides food for growing plants and in return plants filter water for the fish. We will share ins and outs of creating and maintaining small and large scale systems. 
High Tunnel - Hoop House Build
Monday -  Wed, March 27-29,  9am - 5pm
14616 Monica, Detroit, MI 48238

All are welcome to join us in our first high tunnel - hoop house build. This will provide a hands-on educational experience for all interested in extending their growing season. To volunteer with the build please contactAll are welcome to  Jessica Patton for further details.  
Applications due April 22, 2017

A rain garden is a shallow depression in the ground planted with native plants that tolerate varying water levels and weather conditions. The garden is designed to hold rainwater on site temporarily so that it infiltrates the soil rather than running off into storm drains. The Rain Gardens to the Rescue program is a series of workshops designed to teach residents about rain gardens, so they can plant their own garden and educate neighbors and family to do the same.